To all my friends who think voting is a waste of time…

You didn’t vote yesterday.

You think it’s a waste of time.

You think it can’t possibly make a difference.

You find it ?? Inconvenient??  Hard??  A time suck??  Really?

Well, here we sit on the morning of November 9, 2016 with a bigoted, misogynistic, lying fascist headed for the white house and with full right wing reactionary control of the entire congress.  Corrections of this magnitude of mistake take generations.  Literally generations.  Very soon, we’ll have a completely gerrymandered electoral map, a fully reactionary supreme court and almost certainly a steady tearing down of the life long work of millions of progressive people that has taken place over the last 60-70 years.  Pick your decade, but there is a block of people in this country, who just made themselves VERY well known yesterday, who want the United States to turn back the clock to the 1850’s.  The only thing that can stop them is participation in the system by smart, thoughtful, caring people.

Happy you didn’t vote?

How about giving a go next time, hmm?  Assuming, that is, that your voting rights that you’ve never used actually still exist by the next “election” in this country.

One Reply to “To all my friends who think voting is a waste of time…”

  1. Hi Ed,
    Politics aside, whew.. that was a vent. This is Mike Curtin, an old work associate from an even old television station in Portland.
    I knew you loved motorcycles and your body is a millstone of proof, in that regard. I remembered your online stories of motorbiking from years ago and like that raw spirit. So it’s rubbed off, sorta. My daughter, the rebel, at 25 years, just bought a Honda Rebel 250 and is taking her Safety class in a few weeks. So she has a bike she doesn’t know how to drive and neither do I, but I’m taking the plunge.
    Just want to say thanks to your enthusiasm that allowed me at least some insight to the biker world.
    Take Care

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