Road Trip 2016 – Day 4, AM

I’ve looked at the weather most of the morning so far.  No getting around this mess that stretches now from Texas to western Ontario.  So, if you can’t ride around it, you ride through it.

As I look at my route this morning from Regina to Winnipeg, it looks like I’ll be riding through another set of frog strangler rain and possible thunderstorms.  The T-Storms are about the only thing I really worry about on the road when it comes to weather.

Oh well.  If wet it is to be, wet it shall be.  See you tonight from Winnipeg.

2 Replies to “Road Trip 2016 – Day 4, AM”

  1. Oh man. I just saw the weather front you’re going to have to punch through. After the Great Lakes it should get better. How’s the Connie stock wind screen? Does it keep the rain off?

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