Today’s the day.  The start of Road Trip 2016.  First day will be eastbound toward northern Idaho.  I don’t plan to head in to Canada today, but we’ll see what the end of the day looks like.

Track the Trip  <– This link takes you to my Amateur Radio call sign on aprs.fi.  I’m traveling with an APRS enabled handheld radio which periodically transmits my GPS location, speed and heading.  Standard disclaimer – the system relies on a network of club and privately owned digital Amateur Radio stations.  The overall success of the tracking is dependent on a whole list of factors, including the fact that these stations don’t exist everywhere I’ll be riding and it’s all done on VHF radio frequencies.  When it works it works, when it doesn’t it doesn’t.

This is the first coast-to-coast-to-coast trip I’ve done since 2006 and the first motorcycle road trip of any significant distance since 2012.  So the first couple of days I fully expect will be more about getting back in to the groove than putting miles behind me.  I don’t plan to ride more than about 400 miles a day anyway on the eastbound leg.  Check in and registration for the event I’m riding to doesn’t open until next Saturday afternoon, so there’s no point in getting there early.

Each evening I have an internet connection (they still don’t exist everywhere…) will bring a blog post about the day with some pictures and such.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the blog. My thoughts are with you. Ride hard, ride fast.

  2. I just wandered to the APRS site. Really cool. Would it be ok if I shared it with other people? Riders, stagehands, etc?

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