Selling vehicles

ForSaleI have no desire to become a new or used vehicle salesperson.  But from time to time many of us have done just that – sold a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle directly to another person.  I did it last fall when I decided to go car-less.  I’m doing it currently as I’ve started the process of selling my BMW GS.  I’ve sold more motorcycles than I have cars, actually.  Cars have almost always been trade-ins.  This time around with my new Concours, that involved a trade-in as well – of my old friend, a BMW Police bike, 13 years old with over 80,000 miles on it.

I’ve started a list of interested parties.  I rapidly discovered this time around that the GS sale has generated a fair bit of interest quickly.  The first two parties got back to me in less than 30 minutes and their messages arrived only four seconds apart.  So, in the spirit of equity, I have each person listed in the order in which their replies arrived by time and date.  I’ve been honest with each one in my communications back to them – “you’re third in line … you’re fourth in line … ”  I also try hard to be very clear about the condition of the machine without sounding like I’m trying to scare people off.  The good news is that most folks looking at used bikes, especially 10 year old used bikes, understand that the bikes typically won’t look showroom new and that they will want to look closely for blemishes and all the rest.  Particularly with a dual sport bike like mine, they actually do get ridden off road from time to time and see perhaps more than their share of dirt and sand and mud and such.  Here in the PNW, heck, just riding these things around in the wet season gets ’em pretty filthy pretty quickly anyway.

We’ll see how it goes.  Looks like this weekend may be test-ride time for some folks, and I’m on my way to a one-bike garage again for the first time in a long while.

Welcome to Honest Eddie’s Used Bike Lot.