Tech That I Do # 6

mobile_musicI’m in the process of prepping for a long motorcycle trip in June.  As part of that preparation, I’m also trying out a new GPS – the TomTom Rider 400.  Just getting going with it, not enough to say about it yet to post anything.  At a later date, that.

I like to listen to music on the road.  Helping me do that are my Etymotic ER4-P earphones.  I love these things and I don’t want to have to give up using them simply because almost every device I own now, including this new TomTom GPS, is Bluetooth enabled.  Yes, I have a couple of different Bluetooth headphones that I use with my phone from time to time, including a Plantronics Backbeat Fit, an Mpow Swift and a couple of other no-name cheapie ones – one of which I literally picked up in a bubble pack in the checkout line at Fred Meyer for all of, I think, $8.99.  Anyway, these various headsets are fine for a commute or a short period of time on a walk or the like, but they don’t at all work well under a motorcycle helmet.  So, I stick with my most excellent Etymotics.

So back to the TomTom – there is no auxiliary audio connector of any kind on the unit.  If you wish to listen to audible driving directions, you must use a Bluetooth headset or nothing at all.  My music device on the road tends to be my good ol’ iPod Classic, though on this trip I will almost certainly be experimenting with Amazon Music and Apple Music via my phone as well.

So, I have a device that will only do Bluetooth.  I have another that never did Bluetooth even when it was brand new.  I want to listen to both at the same time, so, what’s a boy to do?

My solution, after a little poking around, research and testing is to set up like this:

The TomTom will only pair with Bluetooth headsets – in other words, only those Bluetooth audio devices that adhere to either the HS or HFP profile.  I’d first tried a Roverbeats Unify receiver (which is a great sounding little unit, by the way) but it’s set up for audio and control with A2DP & AVRCP profiles, so the TomTom could not see it.

So now I have a nice little setup that sits conveniently in my tank bag.  Actually, it’s all small enough to sit inside a couple of pockets of my riding jacket.  It’s just easier to get to when it’s in/on the tank bag.

‘nuther problem solved.