Responsive design … oy

sizesWell, it sort of works.  This is something a little new to me, and is way outside of my typical computerized comfort zone.  I have plenty of friends (you know who you are) who are way better at this stuff than I am, certainly.  In experimenting with various play toys available for this here Word Press blog, I’ve been fiddling with various picture and graphics image sizes and types.  Between the Word Press primary theme that I’m currently using, a plug-in or two to deal with mobile presentation and a few tools available through Bluehost, the place where this site is hosted, I’ve got a number of options available to try to optimize things.

But honestly, I’ve been finding that the thing that causes the most “oops” moments when I go to view my stuff online is the fact that I’ve been authoring a lot of it on this nice, new iMac retina display that I’m sitting in front of right now.  Having a screen of 5120×2880 leads me to want to fill it up…   Luckily, this theme and the mobile plug-in I use handle the “responsive” features so things usually look OK on smaller displays, tablets and phones.  But still, I’ve been guilty here a few times of Imagus Grandizus and have attempted to build this really pretty page with a flat out ridiculously huge picture only to find that I’ve outstripped the ability of the magic “responsive” gerbils in the back office to render anything but 1/4 of the image.  oops.

There’s a reason why this is only a hobby website.


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