Tech that I Do # 4

rocketfishWhen I moved to my new place recently, I faced a practical problem that I hadn’t needed to deal with in previous domiciles.  The way the apartment is laid out, I had no path to run the cables for the rear speakers for my Bose Acoustimass sound system without having to run them in front of a doorway or try to string them under the carpeting.  So, time to embrace another bit of highly practical tech – the Rocketfish wireless rear speaker kit.

The things couldn’t really be more dead-simple to install.  Wire up the Rocketfish transmitter where the rear speaker would connect to the amp, wire the rear speakers to the Rocketfish receiver.  Turn on both units, let them pair, set the master volume on the Rocketfish receiver.  Done.

I’ve been impressed with the sound quality of the unit.  Initially, I did this install for convenience, and I have to admit that at 99 bucks, I wasn’t sure what kind of quality I was going to get out of the system, but the thing just plain works.  The sound is clear and crisp and I can detect no difference between these and the wired speakers.

Now, I grant that as these are the rear speakers, we’re really only talking about effects and secondary sound, so I suppose maintaining sound quality isn’t all that hard.  It’s not like the system has to support the same volume levels and such as the main L/R/C front channels.  But I’m happy that there is no discernible audio delay, no noise, no oddball dropouts or other artifacts.  The transmitter and receiver units are well built and good looking and are small enough to tuck away and pretty much hide.  The transmitter unit is very small and hides nicely behind the other equipment under the TV.  The receiver houses, of course, an amplifier to drive the speakers, so is by nature a bit larger, but still hides nicely on the bottom shelf of one of my end tables.

Simple, inexpensive solution to a basic problem.  I like it.