My next bike


My next ride??

Motorcycles.  I enjoy them.  I enjoy riding them.  I enjoy teaching people to ride them.  I have a couple of them – that are totally paid for – and I don’t really have too much of an inkling to make a change at this point, but hey, as the depths of mid-winter settle in, it’s nice to look forward to a future that might include new wheels.

My two bikes currently are both BMW models.  One is a retired cop bike – a 2003 R1150RT-P.  The other is a 2006 R1200GS dual sport.  Though I enjoy both machines, I have to confess that I ride the police bike a lot, lot more often than the GS.  I really like the comfort of that bike, the terrific maneuverability, power, speed – and did I mention comfort.

I’m many years away from “Goldwing Age” but on various road trips, I’ve come to value the wonder of a properly comfortable, all-day-miles kind of saddle and the wind protection of at least a basic fairing.

So I’ve been kicking this thought around in the back of my head – why not trade in both of my current bikes and put one terrific new one in the garage.  Not that I’ve been cured of MMS*, but there is a level of practicality involved here as well.  I live in a small downtown apartment with limited motorcycle parking areas in the garage, so moving from two down to one machine isn’t such a bad idea.  I’m pretty sure that the bike that will end up filling this role would be a new BMW R1200RT sport-touring machine.  It’s basically the civilian version of the police bike and I know that if I were to take one out for a test ride, the friendly sales people at my local BMW Motorrad dealer would be more than happy to set me up on a convenient multi-year payment plan….

Well, we’ll see.  I really want to get back to doing some long road trips.  I don’t really trust the police bike for long distance (it has some issues) and the GS isn’t really built for multi-thousand milers – at least not with the current saddle, anyway.  The practical side of me says that a nice new custom saddle for the GS would be the smarter way to go.

But when you suffer from MMS*, “practical” isn’t something that always rules the mind.





* Multiple Motorcycle Syndrome