Back at it again – hello 2016

calendar iconA few years back, I started this blog with the intention to dabble in it.  Yup, dabble I did – actually, that’s about all I ever did.  I’ve never been a person to share tons of my personal stuff with the world in the first place and without much of a central topic to focus on and being generally busy in life anyway, months and years went by between posts.

So, call this a New Year’s resolution – which I never make, but hey – to get back at it again.  Good ol’ has been due for an update for years and years anyway, so while I’m spending time this winter recuperating from surgery to fix my busted collarbone (a whole other story) I’ve got spare time on weekends to fiddle around and play with this a bit.

Thanks for reading.  Happy 2016.  Hope you’re enjoying your life.